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Best Inflatable Pools

Mar. 05, 2021

If you can't make the trip to the pool, bring home a pool party with the best inflatable pools for any family. You'll find childhood toddler-sized splash pools covered in cute patterns and slides, or wide enough for the whole family and deep enough for adults to sink into.

Inflatable pools can be a lot of work to pump and keep clean. Smaller models can be drained, smoothed and scrubbed quickly, which is smart as stagnant water attracts mosquitoes, algae etc. However, of the best inflatable pools for adults or the whole family, most are so large that it's a waste to pour water every night, especially in arid areas where swimming is more attractive.


You'll need to be prepared for the work involved in joining pool ownership - because it's basically like having a regular pool.  You will also need to monitor the pH of the water as if the water becomes too alkaline the chlorine will not disinfect properly. Adding chemicals that lower the pH will solve the problem. There is a lot to deal with, but if you plan to keep the pool water full for months at a time, it is essential for your family's health.

 Blue Inflatable Pool

If this doesn't sound appealing, you can empty a smaller pool more frequently, but even something the size of a child will consume about 150 gallons of water per race. If you are looking for a family sized pool, then Aier's Blue inflatable pool is a good choice.

However, if you are shopping for one or more children, keep in mind how much sunscreen they will need, whether they want something they can use even during the non-swimming season, and if you don't mind inflating larger items each time.


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