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Inflatable Tent-a Better Choice for Camping

Feb. 20, 2021

If you've decided a five-person tent is the correct size for your camping party, it's time to find your perfect tent. It's worth noting, however, that four-person and six-person tents are more common than five-person offerings, so you may choose to size up or down to give yourself more options.

In this guide, we look into tent types, season ratings, integrated groundsheets, and more — everything you need to think about before buying yourself a five-person tent. Additionally, we've included our top offerings, such as the ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 5-Person Tent, a durable option for warm-weather camping.

Considerations when choosing best 5-person tents

Tent type

First off, it's up to you to decide the best type of tent to fit your needs. Dome tents are one of the most common types of five-person tents, since they're easy to pitch with just two poles. If you prefer a bit more headroom, opt for a cabin tent or other standing-height tent, such as a bell tent or conical tent. For those who aren't camping savvy or just want to save time, consider a pop-up tent or other instant tent. In the past, these types of tents were style over substance, but you can now find some quality options. Inflatable tents are another option for those who don't want to pitch a tent the conventional way, featuring inflatable beams instead of poles.

The inflatable tent has an inflatable stand, which is not only lightweight, but also foldable and has low transportation requirements. Assembly and disassembly are simpler, which can save more manpower and time. It can be packed freely and transported conveniently, and can be air-dropped when necessary.

Inflatable Tent

Tent Size

Does a five-person tent fit five people inside? Yes. Does it fit five people inside comfortably with room to spare? Heck no. If you want a tent in which five people can actually sleep on their own air mattresses with extra room to store gear, what you want is a 10-person tent. A five-person tent is better suited to housing two people comfortably, either on a queen air mattress or two twin air mattresses, with space to store all the food and gear you need on your camping trip.


The season rating of a tent lets you know what kind of weather conditions it's suitable for use in, from one-season tents for summer use only to four-season tents for year-round use.

Inflatable tents Price

Depending on the type of five-person tent you choose and its overall quality.


Q. What's the difference between single-wall and double-wall tents?

A. Single-wall tents are made from a single layer of waterproof fabric. They're extremely easy to pitch, but the inside of the tent can feel damp to the touch if it's been raining heavily or from condensation caused by breath and body heat. Double-wall tents have an "inner tent" that's covered by a waterproof rainfly. They're a little trickier to pitch, but they provide more insulation and the inner tent should stay dry inside, even if condensation forms inside the rainfly.

Q. How long do five-person tents take to pitch?

A. This depends on a wide range of factors, such as the type of tent you own, how experienced you are at setting up tents, and if you have somebody to help you. It can take anywhere from just a couple of minutes if you have an instant tent to 30 or 45 minutes if your tent is more complicated to pitch or you're erecting it solo.

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