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Safety Advice of Bouncy Castles

Mar. 19, 2021

These simple precautions can help you avoid serious accidents, whether you are supplying or buying bouncy castles and inflatables, hiring or operating a castle for an event.

Before you buy or hire

If you buy or hire any inflatables for private or public use, ensure that they also contain instructions on how to operate them safely.

Safe set-up

When setting up, carry out the following safety checks in accordance with the inflatable's operator's manual.


1.When using external inflatable equipment, all fixing points must be used and the metal earthing stakes should be at least 380 mm long, 16 mm wide and have a rounded top. They should be fitted with welded metal "O" or "D" rings at the end

2.All inflatables must have a minimum of 6 fixing points. The operator's manual will tell you how many there should be and you should check to ensure that they are all still in place and have not been removed.

The ropes used to secure the inflator should be in good condition and not stretched, frayed or rotten. Do not use simple tow ropes such as elastic ropes

3.If ground stakes (e.g. tarred gravel) cannot be used for surface reasons, use anchor points with a minimum crushing weight of 163 kg and use suitable anchorages to secure the tether. The inflatable should be firmly fixed to the ground to prevent the wind from blowing under it and lifting it.

Bouncy Castle


1.Outdoor inflatables must not be used when wind speeds exceed 24 mph (38 kmph).

The maximum wind speed may be lower for some inflatables. Always check the manufacturer's operating manual to confirm the maximum wind speed to ensure safe operation of the inflatable equipment.

2.When the inflatable is operated outdoors, use an anemometer to measure the wind speed regularly. If either is not available, the inflatable should not be used outdoors.

3.Never use the smartphone app Weather to measure wind speed as they do not take local wind conditions into account.


If using the inflatable unit indoors, refer to the operator's manual, which will provide instructions on the fixing methods required to keep the unit in shape and prevent it from tipping over. All other associated equipment must be safe, including the blower.

Look carefully at the inflatable when it is being inflated and before using it.


the correct blower is used (blower specifications, including output, will be given in the operating instructions)

there are no obvious signs of excessive tension or sagging of the structure. Also check that the anchor points have been pulled out during expansion the connection tube and blower are firmly attached

2.Buffer pads are in place

there are no holes or cracks in the fabric or seams

it looks symmetrical - if it looks warped or deformed, there may be internal problems that make bounce unpredictable and therefore should not be used

3.Safe use, supervision and monitoring

Continuous supervision should be carried out by at least one suitably trained person.

4.Operating instructions must be provided and should include the following.

Also limit the number of users on the inflatable equipment to the limit shown in the operating manual or on the equipment label. Do not exceed the height limit for users and keep larger users separate from smaller users

Ensure that users can get on and off safely and that the safety mat at the entrance is no more than 2 inches deep

People should not wear shoes or spectacles and pockets should be emptied of all sharp or dangerous objects

No one who is visibly intoxicated should be allowed to enter

Users are not allowed to climb or hang from the wall

Check regularly that anchor points are still secure

When using the inflatable outdoors, use an anemometer to regularly measure wind conditions and visually check for changes in wind direction (e.g. to see how the trees are swaying). Make sure you take readings along the wind direction.

Bouncy castle testing

Ensure that an annual inspection is carried out by a competent person. They should identify the inflator and blower by its serial number and look at any previous inspection reports and certificates. They should also check the inflator and any part of its equipment that may affect the safe operation of the inflator.


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