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Inflatable Cartoon

Inflatable cartoon model

As the merchants consider their products to better promote their own products and achieve a balance between economy and good results, the general inflatable arches are far from reaching the popular effect expected by the merchants. In order to create a greater promotional atmosphere and Attracting the attention of more customers, inflatable cartoon models came into being. Inflatable models are not limited to characters or animation shapes. All the products sold can be made into inflatable models, such as common wine bottles, solar energy, fertilizer bags, and oil barrels. · · · · · It can be said that there is nothing impossible to think but not impossible.

When choosing an inflatable model business, ordinary customers will face many considerations such as price, quality, service life, overall effect, etc. Yuele inflatable models will give you an analysis of the misunderstandings and principle errors in the inflatable model that must not be touched on this issue. 

We must first consider whether the inflatable products we made can stand firm. I remember that when we made Ultraman inflatable products last time, a friend said that Ultraman had eaten too well and gained weight just after the Chinese New Year. Of course it was just Just kidding, but if an experienced designer makes the same body proportions, he can’t stand it. Even if he uses a rope to meet windy weather, he will fall down. But there is one exception, that is, it depends on the shape of the posture. Now, the half-squatting and full-climbing Spider-Man can do a ratio of 1:1. This kind of question is no longer considered to stand or not, so it’s a different matter.

Inflatable fixed cartoon

The fixed cartoon will attract people's attention and win everyone's love with a tall and exaggerated cute cartoon appearance. The common design and production height of this product series is 2-5 meters.

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